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Daniel Selman's art created behind bars

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Daniel Selman is currently in a Florida Federal Prison serving the remainder of a five year sentence. While awaiting sentencing, he began to draw to pass time. After a while he obtained a few coloured pencils from another inmate. Still not quite satisfied with the outcome, he tried using the powder from drink mix packets the inmates got in their meal bags. He made brushes with his hair and used stick on mailing labels to wrap one end of his clumps of hair. He then used the blank pages from the back of books as his canvas's. The results were quite impressive. He then incorporated black shoe polish and light grey and medium grey latex paint obtained from an orderly used to paint the prison walls. Impressed with the results, he hung his works all over his cell. 


Fellow inmates started calling Selman "Picasso". Even the warden came to look at his artwork and was very impressed. He has painted about 180 of these kool-aid creations. The prison has an art department with acrylic paint available so Selman has moved on to that medium, as well as watercolour and collage. He has two years before my release and paints every day. "It is very therapeutic and takes me out of the every day misery of prison life. I have a true passion for what I do and plan on continuing my artistic endeavors when I am released. I would love to move to the East Village in Manhattan and follow in the footsteps of my favorite abstract Impressionists like Willem DeKooning and Franz Kline. Both of whom have been a true inspiration to me."


To find out more about Selman and his artwork, please contact lindaselman@gmail.com.