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Clarence Schmidt at Ricco/Maresca Gallery, NY

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June 14 – August 17, 2018

Perched on the slope of Ohayo Mountain in Woodstock, NY, Clarence Schmidt’s “House of Mirrors” once existed. Outside: a titanic architectural mashup resembling many residences stacked and clumped together, seven stories tall and drawn-out in all other directions. Inside: roughly 35 alcoves and caverns housing endless wonders, interlocked in a circuitous system of corridors, galleries, and staircases. Now a place of legend, the House of Mirrors is accessible only through the documentation of a number of chroniclers, photographers, and filmmakers, as well as through the few pieces of sculpture that survived its doom. “Let’s Call it Hope” presents a selection of such works, inviting viewers to conjure the mood and mystery of Schmidt’s remarkable creation and to consider the relevance of the artist’s oeuvre in the wider landscape of modern art.

529 West 20th Street, 3rd Floor,New York, New York 10011