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Black Sheep Gallery, Nova Scotia

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until October 21, 2018

Black Sheep Gallery presents works by Jacob Roth, who began sculpting at the age of 82 and worked into his nineties, creating over 100 sculptures.

Jacob Roth was born in 1896 in Punkeydoodles Corners, Waterloo County and he was raised as a Mennonite. After spending his working years farming and at a variety of other jobs, at the age of 82 he moved in with his son Stanley and he began to work on his first sculpture. His first piece was a horse and buggy, but soon he was making wagons and sleighs of various types, and constructing more complicated pieces showing community activity such as auctions, quilting bees and barn raisings. Jacob’s works were assembled from wood, fabric, metal and pieces of plastic, often incorporating found objects. They chronicle familiar events in the life of the Mennonite community where he grew up and lived. One of these, which we will have on display, depicts a sulky race with six horse drawn sulkies and drivers, along with a group of spectators crowding around the finish line. Jacob continued to work on his assemblages and carvings into his nineties, and attributed his work on over 100 sculptures with keeping his mind and body healthy. In 1992, the Canadian Museum of History purchased a number of his works, some of which are featured in the publication, "Just For Nice; German Canadian Folk Art" CMCC, 1993.

Black Sheep Gallery
1689 West Jeddore Road, West Jeddore Village, Nova Scotia, B0J 1P0 Canada