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AVAM: "The Science & Mystery of Sleep"

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Madonna Della Lacrime (detail) by Adrian Kellard, (1981). Carved and painted wood. Gift of Regina DeLuise; image courtesy of AVAM

AVAM Exhibition: "The Science & Mystery of Sleep"
October 10, 2020 – August 1, 2022

The American Visionary Art Museum premieres its newest third floor gallery exhibition, “The Science & Mystery of Sleep,” featuring a plain-language compilation of all the latest sleep-related scientific research, alongside three spectacular, artist-made visionary bedrooms.

The research punctuating this exhibition will be a foray into a multitude of topics: the impact of sleep on obesity and diabetes, sleep and adolescents, the influence of sleep on hormones and testicles, and the power of the Hypnagogic state championed by famed Harvard geneticist Dr. George Church.

Anchored by fantastical, handmade bedrooms created by three visionary artists as personal refuge, the American Visionary Art Museum explores the latest scientific research behind sleep as both force majeur to our total wellbeing and hypnagogic portal, enabling fresh revelations in science, art, and creative innovation of all sort.

American Visionary Art Museum
800 Key Highway, Baltimore, Maryland 21230