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American Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore MD

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until September 1, 2019

"Parenting: An Art without a Manual" brings together historic, l’dor v’dor (from generation to generation), traditional and transcultural wisdom right beside the latest scientific insights from expert brain and behavioural research. Futurists weigh in to document the swiftly changing influences on parenting and the projected trajectory of those changes on the families of today and tomorrow. 

American Visionart Art Museum
800 Key Highway, Baltimore, MD 21230

From AVAM's website:

For nearly a year, The American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM) will focus public attention on what might be humanity's most essential performance art — the intuitive, transformative, and complex art of parenting. AVAM's exhibition showcases works by 36 artists, created out of every conceivable medium, to best express their own personal life experience of parenting and being parented — be it good, bad, horrific, and/or sublime, alongside revelations from the latest scientific research, globally sourced wisdoms, and fun.

Included in this lively and wholly honest contemplation of parenting will be an overview of historic and traditional patterns of parenting, its transcultural practice, as well as expert futurist projections regarding the swiftly evolving changes in parenting in an era of increased capacity for bioengineered baby design and robotics. Even trans species animal parenting — with photo documentation of real-life surprisingly loving animal adoptions outside of their respective species — will be on view.

This is an exhibition that aims to guide the visitor of any age to better understand parenting as one of the key, most powerful of influential forces known to humankind. But like all of its fellow great powers — money, sex, religion, and government — parenting is in and of itself neither good nor bad, but rather a powerful magnifier of intention. The hope of this exhibition is to deepen collective understanding of the challenges and importance of parenting and awaken the freeing power of forgiveness for both our parent and child selves. Our goal is nothing less than to inspire well-informed parenting best practice, honest dialogue, child and parent reconciliation, and a better way forward. In summation, the poet philosopher George Santayana wrote, "The family is one of nature's masterpieces." A special thanks to assistant and co-curator Anna Gulyavskaya.

Exhibition Artists

Bobby Adams • Anonymous Artists • Morton Bartlett • Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher • Daniel Belardinelli • Leon Borensztein • Wendy Brackman & The Catskilled Crafters • Tanja Brandt • Allen David Christian • Jim Condron • Loring Cornish • J.J. Cromer • Scott Cromwell • Kahlil Gibran • Paul Graubard • Alex Grey • Betty Grodnitzky • Francisco Loza • Lower Eastside Girls Club • Jordan MacLachlan • Ray Materson • John O’Brien • P.NOSA • Mary Proctor • Carolynn Redwine-Geer • Chris Roberts-Antieau • Romaine M. Samworth • Philippe Saxer • Ann Sosbe • Linda St. John • Robert Sundholm • Mars Tokyo • Frank Warren • George Williams • Chris Wilson • Jack Ziegler