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30th Annual Art Car Parade

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Houston, April 8 2017

Organised by the Orange Show Centre for Visionary Art.

The Art Car Parade was born in April, 1988 with a 40 car parade seen by an estimated 2,000. By the following year, the parade size doubled and the crowd swelled to tens of thousands. Another important milestone came in 1989, when Harrod Blank came from California with his art car, "Oh My God." Harrod told artists all over the nation about the Houston Art Car Parade, and soon we began to see caravans of art cars travel thousands of miles to be in the parade. Another major milestone was the entry of Rebecca Bass and Edison Middle School in 1990 and started educators across the city to see art car projects as tools to teach life skills and engage students with their schools and community.

Today, the parade attracts 250+ vehicles and other entries from 23 states along with Canada and Mexico, an audience of some 250,000+ spectators. Community groups, schools, and professional organisations have become regular participants. As the parade grows, attracting more and more participants, the complexity and quality of the entries increases.