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Antenna, New Orleans

until March 8, 2020

What Editions presents original artworks by Abdi Farah, Akasha Rabut, Ashely Teamer and Dapper Bruce Lafitte in “Better Than Me”. Through the lens of high school football, acrylic nails, black-hair trends, and marching bands, respectively, these four New Orleans artists examine and portray identity as personal, political, communal and distinctly New Orleanian.   

3718 St Claude Ave, New Orleans, LA 70117

Jennifer Lauren Gallery, London

February 25 – March 4, 2020

Jennifer Lauren Gallery presents "Monochromatic Minds: Lines of Revelation" at Candid Arts Trust, London. It is the largest ever exhibition of self-taught, disabled and outsider artists from around the world, featuring black and white artwork through a variety of mediums including drawing, ceramics and textiles. Featuring many previously unseen works from 61 artists, the exhibition brings together emerging creators alongside established outsider artists. Talks and workshops are available to book too.

Candid Arts Trust
3 Torrens Street. Islington. London, EC1V 1NQ, UK 

The Collection of Victor F Keen at Intuit, Chicago

until September 7, 2020

With more than 50 artworks from artists including Martín Ramírez, George Widener, Lee Godie, James Castle and more, “Outsider Art: The Collection of Victor F Keen” spans both gallery spaces at Intuit.

Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art
756 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL 60642


In the words of Victor F. Keen:
“Visitors to my Bethany Mission Gallery in Philadelphia often ask what it was that attracted me to the world of outsider art, the primary focus of my collection. It’s not an easy question to answer. Like other collectors, I have found the question challenging and have concluded that to a large extent the allure is visceral and not easily articulated, though I occasionally have pondered the “why” of my collection.

It’s a question as complex as the much-debated question of how best to refer to the art itself. “Outsider,” “self-taught,” “naïve,” “visionary,” “untrained” are terms variously used and no one term seems entirely satisfactory to describe this category of art. For convenience, I refer to “outsider” art and “outsider” artists, as a shorthand with the understanding that others may favor other descriptives. The biographical narrative of every outsider artist is unique, but most share one or more of the following: no or only limited art training; living with mental or physical infirmities; poverty; educational deficit; being held back by racial discrimination.

I have found these aspects of the outsider art world compelling, including the fascinating (though almost always terribly challenging and unfortunate) variations in the individual artists’ personal circumstances. But personal challenges and disadvantages for the artists aside, the art must stand on its own. It was well after I finished law school that I developed any real interest in art or in collecting. My first collecting interest, beginning around 1975, was Catalin radios. In the late 1970s I was introduced to Frank Maresca, co-owner of Ricco/Maresca Gallery in New York. My awareness of outsider art grew in time from conversations with Frank, who has been a mentor in my collecting all along.”

Bethlem Museum of the Mind and Bethlem Gallery, Kent, UK

until April 25, 2020 

Bethlem Museum of the Mind and Bethlem Gallery present "The Four Ages of Woman" and "Transitions", two exhibitions exploring historical and contemporary artistic perspectives on women and mental health, from the nineteenth century to the present day.

"The Four Ages of Woman" at Bethlem Museum of the Mind presents diverse representations of women’s mental health and life experiences across childhood, youth, middle age and old age. The exhibition includes over 30 works by 19 artists including Madge Gill, Anna Kavan, Bibi Herrera, Imma Maddox and Cynthia Pell, selected from the Museum’s extensive collection, and key works on loan. 

Bethlem Gallery / Bethlem Museum of the Mind​
Bethlem Royal Hospital, Monks Orchard Road, Beckenham, Kent BR3 3BX, UK


GAIA Museum, Denmak

until April 8, 2020

A new exhibition at the GAIA Museum celebrates the internationally acclaimed Randers artist Judith Damgaard Nielsen (1954–2019), showing works from different periods in the artist's career.

Randers Kommune, GAIA Museum Outsider Art
Lene Bredahls Gade 10, 8900 Randers C, Denmark

Pakito Bolino in Marseille

until September 20, 2020

After celebrating the 20th anniversary of Le Dernier Cri in Marseille, Pakito Bolino presents his world tour. Titled “Mondo Dernier Cri”, the exhibition will present works spanning the last 20 years, plus animated footage from a new film and new, original works by Bolino. 

Musée International des Arts Modestes
23 Quai Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny, 34200 Sète, France

Saving Ron's Place, Birkenhead, UK

until February 21, 2020

A crowdfunding campaign has been set up to try and save the recently discovered "Roman Villa" created by Ron Gittins in Birkenhead. Until Gittins recently passed away, even his family did not know that he had elaborately decorated the inside of his terraced house. Seemingly normal from the outside, inside one discovers an extraordinary collection of rooms, with the walls, ceilings and even sometimes floors decorated with vivid murals, Egyptian hieroglyphics, underwater scenes and portraits of historic leaders. 

The campaign aims to preserve Gittins' flat and turn it into a cultural asset for all the community. Show your support at: crowdfunder.co.uk/saving-rons-place.

More info at:

The Gallery of Everything, London

until March 8, 2020

"Autobiographic" explores the aesthetic diaries of two authors from the alternative history of 20th century art: Carlo Zinelli and Valerie Potter. Organised in collaboration with La Fondazione Culturale Carlo Zinelli and Jennifer Lauren Gallery.

The Gallery of Everything
4 Chiltern St, Marylebone, London W1U 7PS, UK

Steven Sachs at Koelsch Gallery, Houston, TX

until February 29, 2020

Koelsch Gallery presents “dare devils”, a whimsical exhibition of painting, sculpture, and assemblage by Houston-based artist Steven Sachs. 

Lottery tickets are being sold until February 29. The drawing will take place March 1 along with an artist talk. Winners of the drawn tickets will be able to select art from the show purchased by an anonymous collector, with a percentage of proceeds going to charities.

Koelsch Gallery
1020 Peden Street, Houston, Texas 77006

La Galerie Les Yeux Fertiles, Paris

until February 22, 2020

“Explorations” at La Galerie Les Yeux Fertiles features work by Pierre Bettencourt, Dado, Erro, Ljuba, H. Michaux, Josette Rispal, Ody Saban, Yoshiko and Paul-Émile Victor.

La Galerie Les Yeux Fertiles
27 rue de Seine 75006 Paris, France