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Elijah Pierce at The Barnes - Exhibition Dates Amended

The Barnes’s "Elijah Pierce’s America" exhibition have shifted to September 27, 2020 – January 10, 2021. The show presents the exceptional work of the self-taught woodcarver (1892–1984), known best for a tour-de-force volume of biblical scenes. His carvings depict remarkable narratives—religious parables, autobiographical scenes, episodes from American politics—and sometimes include figures from popular culture and sports.

Barnes Foundation
2025 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA 19130

American Folk Art Museum, New York

The American Folk Art Museum in New York is temporarily closed, but you can stay connected through their online collection and videos.

Use free resources, dive into their magazine archives or learn about self-taught artists like Ralph Fasanella.



Tierra del Sol Gallery, Los Angeles

Embedded thumbnail for Tierra del Sol Gallery, Los Angeles

Currently Tierra del Sol Gallery, Los Angeles, has a solo show by one of their founding artists, Michael LeVell. LeVell's show includes drawings, paintings, and ceramics. Although the gallery is currently closed and open only by appointment, they have decided to make the above video walk through to allow everyone to see the show. All works are for sale. Click here for details or email Paige: pwery@tierradelsol.org.

Intuit, Chicago IL

Intuit's physical museum in Chicago remains closed through April 30. To stay engaged with visitors, they have launched the Get Intuit Blog. Intuit’s staff is sharing posts about how to bind your own books, five titles to deepen your interest in the art while you may have some extra reading time, "What is outsider art?" and more: https://www.art.org/getintuit-blog/

You can also take a virtual tour of the current exhibition "Outsider Art: The Collection of Victor F. Keen"


Bill Traylor: Chasing Ghosts Trailer

Bill Traylor: Chasing Ghosts is an inventive feature documentary created by Jeffrey Wolf, Breakaway Films, capturing the vivid life of Bill Traylor, who in his late 80s, living homeless on the street in the thriving segregated black neighborhood of Montgomery, produced a body of extraordinary art.


Tom O Every (Dr Evermor) R.I.P.

Visionary artist Tom O Every (1939–2020), aka "Dr Evermor", has passed away, at the age of 81.

Every is best known for building Forevertron, a massive construction designed to travel in space. Located in Lodi, Wisconsin, the visionary piece of sculpture, made from scrap metal, machine parts from breweries, Thomas Edison dynamos, lightning rods, paper mills, engineering factories and even an Apollo decontamination chamber, weighs 300 tons and is 45 ft / 15 m high by 105 ft / 35 m wide. One section includes a spiral staircase and a wrought-iron gazebo. On the summit of the vast assemblage sits a copper egg, housing a glass ball, waiting to shoot Dr Evermor into space once it has been activated by a magnetic lightning beam. Around the structure sit various other constructions and animal figures, including a 46-member bird band,
made from brass bed posts, old tools, gasoline nozzles and a full complement
of musical instruments.

After suffering a series of strokes, Every spent the final years of his life in a Sauk City nursing home, where he continued to draw and design. The future of his art park is currently uncertain.

La Ithonkaew's Coronavirus Art

Ondřej Sekanina has shared with us the Coronavirus drawings of La Inthonkaew, a Thai outsider artist living in the Czech Republic. At the beginning of the current Coronavirus epidemy she started drawing a series of pictures featuring the virus.  Sometimes, she produces as many as three of them in a single day and she rarely draws anything else. So far, she has produced more than 30 of them. It seems that she is half-consciously using the shamanic legacy of her father, trying to cast a spell on the virus, and to magically transform it – as if she was giving it a choice: either to be killed with her pencil or become friendly to people. The current Coronavirus series is one of the peaks of her oeuvre which she started creating ten years ago. 


Latest Work from Ray Materson

Ray Materson (b. 1954), the creator of a multitude of tiny detailed and coloured embroideries, has his origins in Michigan, USA. He started creating his pieces during his time in a Connecticut prison. Orders came for various symbols, logos and flags, which Materson undertook enthusiastically, happy to have found something to occupy his time. Each 2.75 x 2.25 ins. / 7 x 5.7 cm image is meticulously constructed, taking 40 to 50 hours to complete. Since leaving prison in 1996, Materson has continued to create his tiny embroidered scenes of American life, preferring the nylon sock thread he used to stitch with in prison to thicker embroidery thread. Above are some of Materson's latest works.

Becca Hoffman Becomes Managing Director for Intersect Art + Design Fairs

Wide Open Arts, LLC, has announced that Becca Hoffman, Director of the Outsider Art Fairs in New York and Paris since 2013, has accepted the position of Managing Director for Intersect Art + Design Fairs, the producer of Art Aspen, SOFA Chicago and Art Palm Springs.

A search for a successor is underway. All communications regarding OAF Paris or New York should be directed to assistant director, Allison Galgiani, at allison@outsiderartfair.com.

A Message from The American Visionary Art Museum

Our Founder and Director, Rebecca Alban Hoffberger, wished to send a personal message to you, our followers, while not wanting in any way to minimize concern for the very real, too abundant, suffering happening now:

For me and in all my 67 years... I believe that right now is the greatest globally shared awake experience since millions watched the first person walk on the moon. Just as that famed event underscored our potential and illusion of conquering nature, this COVID-19 stresses our inherent and interconnected fragility and dependence on Nature as well as serves as powerful reset to contemplate what is truly most precious in our lives... This is a new time of realizing we could globally cooperate and shift values, and positive wise actions can be won for all... I feel this time of pause and rewrite of collective reality is the first step... Stay tuned. There is ABUNDANT GRACE afoot. Rediscover family, friendship, neighbors, quiet hood. No hoarding. May gentle care and sharing light ALL our way.


You can read the full statement here.