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Parque Mudéjar creator passes away

The Parque Mudéjar is now supported by the City of Olmedo, Spain, following the death of creator Félix Arranz Pinto, who died on April 2, 2020 from the Coronavirus, only three days after laying down his tools and entering the hospital. He was 86 years old.

Spain’s region of Castilla y León, the heart of the kingdom of Old Castile, retains numerous examples of Mudéjar architecture, a unique style characterized by a fusion of Romanesque and Gothic elements with Islamic designs, which flourished during the 780-year period of Arab control over the Iberian Peninsula. When Spain was “reconquered” in 1492, the victorious Christian armies preserved many of these significant Muslim palaces, religious sites, and noble homes, and repossessed them for their own uses. In recent decades, several have been honored with UNESCO World Heritage status.

In 1999, Arranz, long an admirer of this style, decided to create a park that would replicate miniature examples of Castilla y León’s Mudéjar architecture. Over the next decade, after traveling to each site and taking careful measurements, he experimented until he successfully developed ways to copy the Middle Age designs and building techniques, and he ultimately completed nineteen castles, houses, portals, and places of worship at scales of 1:6, 1:8, and 1:22. His intention was to recall the memory of a more tolerant age, when various cultures lived and worked together in relative harmony. 

Text by Jo Farb Hernandez

Photos © Jo Farb Hernández, August 15, 2018

"Happy Days Are Here Again" at Galerie Art Cru, Berlin

Galerie Art Cru

It will be possible to visit the Galerie Art Cru, Berlin again from June 9th, 2020  for the exhibition "Happy Days Are Here Again"

The exhibition will show works from the two online exhibitions WASSERTAUFE I + II, and will be complimented by further works on show.

Please visit the Galerie Art Cru website for visiting times and details

Galerie ART CRU Berlin
im Kunsthof, Oranienburger Straße 27, 10117 Berlin-Mitte, Germany

Rosie Camanga: Flash! 

From June 11 to September 4, 2020, Ricco/Maresca Gallery will be hosting an exhibition showcasing the work of Rosie Camanga.

Camanga (1910-?) moved to Honolulu from his native Philippines sometime prior to World War II. The artist’s tattoo flash art segued from standardized versions of classic tattoo designs to eccentric and mysterious scenarios that were his alone. The format of a sheet of flash, crowded with multiple images, were mere jumping-off points for the world he created.

Ricco/Maresca Gallery
529 W. 20th St, New York, NY 10011

Heinrich Nüsslein at The Gallery of Everything

The Gallery of Everything presents the fourth feature in their series Artist Focus: Heinrich Nüsslein. A digital installation of artworks is available to view here.

Nüsslein was born on 20 April 1879 in Nürnberg, where he trained as a typographer and bookbinder. Yet extreme near-sightedness, almost a form of blindness, meant this predominantly visual individual did not complete the National Art School in Nürnberg.

One of the most idiosyncratic artists to emerge from the Spiritualism movement was Heinrich Nüsslein: a photographer, author and antiquarian, whose immersion in Theosophy would eventually propel him to notoriety throughout his native Germany.

As his practice continued, Nüsslein became convinced that the Nürnberg painter Albrecht Dürer was guiding his hand. This denial of authorship, common among spiritualist artists, was central to Nüsslein’s practice, describing himself as an artisan or a psychical picture-writer.

Follow The Gallery of Everything (@gallevery) and their parent organisation, The Museum of Everything (@musevery) to learn more about Nüsslein and other artists featured in their twice-weekly newsletter Artist Focus and Artwork Focus newsletters. Their Re-Focus series will present a recollection of earlier gallery projects, shared through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

The Gallery of Everything
4 Chiltern Street, London, W1

Short Film about Nellie Mae Rowe from Breakaway Films

In this short film by Jeffrey Wolf, Breakaway Films, edited by Zach Wolf, Judith Alexander reflects on the life and work of Nellie Mae Rowe.

Short Film about Dilmus Hall from Breakaway Films

In this short film by Jeffrey Wolf, Breakaway Films, edited by Zach Wolf, self-taught artist Dilmus Hall talks with Andy Nasisse and Judith McWillie.

Gallery Gugging Open by Appointment

Embedded thumbnail for Gallery Gugging Open by Appointment

Gallery Gugging is now open from Wednesday to Friday from 11 am – 6 pm and by appointment. For those wanting to view their exhibition from home, there is also be the option of Skype guided tours through the gallery. Appointments must be made in advance. 

The current exhibition “... powerful female – delicate male ... misleidys castillo pedroso & oswald tschirtner” has been extended until September 6, 2020.

gallery gugging
Am Campus 2, 3400 Klosterneuburg, Austria


Documentary on Romanian Sand Sculpture in London

In 2016, Tal Amiran made a short documentary about three Romanian immigrants in London, trying to survive by making sand sculptures of dogs on London pavements.

The film was selected for over 40 film festivals internationally, winning 9 awards.

View the full film here.


Virtual Tour Inside Intuit, Chicago

As part of a new series of virtual tours, WTTW is visiting some Chicago arts institutions braving the current storm on the cultural landscape. 

For 29 years, art centre, Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art has been a showcase for visionary artwork. The centre had to close a new show last month, and WTTW had a look at what people will get to see when it reopens. 

Intuit, 756 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60642

Short Film by Pavel Konečný on Emil Milan Grgurić's Eden Garden

Embedded thumbnail for Short Film by Pavel Konečný on Emil Milan Grgurić's Eden Garden

The statues of the Slavic missionaries of St. Cyril and Methodius form the gateway to the entrance to Villa Katarina. Situated on the axis of the Eden Garden, the villa is an extraordinary architectural object, built on a floral ground plan, combining an originally spontaneous building and sculptural principle that is emotionally closely connected with the personal history of its sole creator Emil Milan Grgurić (1919–1997). This small interior and exterior architectural gem brings a distinctive and functional solution and is one of the extraordinary values ​​of European marginal creation. This video was created by Pavel Konečný.