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East Jesus ART SLAM in Niland, CA

March 30 – April 1, 2018

Head to East Jesus, a habitable art compound in Slab City, Niland, CA, for a weekend of art-making culminating in the ART SLAM where you become part of a team which has one hour to create a masterpiece out of junk. The masterpieces will become a "permanent" part of the East Jesus sculpture garden. The ART SLAM proper is scheduled for Saturday, March 31 at 5:00 PM. The event coincides with two other events so it should be a weekend jam-packed with creative fun. Contact EJ via the Facebook page if you are interested in attending:


Fantasy Architecture in San Jose, CA

through April 6, 2018

"Alternative Visions: Fantasy Architecture" brings together the work of five artists, each with significantly distinct aims yet whose creative expressions nonetheless are unified by their architectural references. Four have had little if any expectation that their fantastical designs would actually be constructed; the fifth is a photographer who has spent years documenting the built environments of self-taught artist-architects. They include Alexander Brodsky, Ilya Utkin, Olalekan Jeyifous, Achilles G. Rizzoli and Fred Scruton.

Natalie and James Thompson Art Gallery
Art Building
 127, Department of Art & Art History, (near 10th/San Carlos Street)
San Jose State University, One Washington Square, San Jose, CA 95129

Josh Cote at Jeanine Taylor Folk Art, FL

March 17 – April 22, 2018

Meet artist, Josh Cote, and view his twisted oversized wire works at the opening reception of "Down the Rabbit Hole" at Jeanine Taylor Folk Art on Saturday, March 17th. See Cote's wire sculptures depicting seven feet tall bike riding rabbits, the inner workings of Houdini’s book of tricks, and upside down bats hanging from rafters.

Jeanine Taylor Folk Art 
211 East First Street, Sanford, FL 32771

New Self-Built Environments Website

March 15–17, 2018

Lille Métropole Musée d’art moderne, d’art contemporain et d’art brut has launched a new website dedicated to “habitants paysagistes”: men and women who modify their living places through indoor or outdoor creations to inhabit the world poetically. From March 15–17, LaM will be holding conferences, workshops and screenings to coincide with the launch of the website.


The Lille Métropole Museum of Modern, Contemporary and Outsider Art (LaM)
1 Allée du Musée, 59650 Villeneuve-d'Ascq, France

The Museum of Everything

Raw Vision urges readers not to miss one of the most monumental and critically-acclaimed installations in recent history. 

The Museum of Everything #7 celebrates over 120 artists and almost 2,000 objects in a series of dynamic thematic spaces at Australia’s legendary Museum of Old & New Art. 

An experience as much as an exhibition, The Museum of Everything #7 offers a radical rethink of outsiderism and an open invitation for new methodologies and associations. 

A limited edition double-volume by The Museum of Everything has been published to coincide with the 21st Sydney Biennale. To purchase a copy, email me@musevery.com

The Museum of Everything is a registered British charity. For more information on its projects, exhibitions and initiatives, please visit musevery.com.

Museum of Old and New Art
655 Main Rd, Berriedale TAS 7011, Australia

Madge Gill Plaque Unveiled in London

On March 8, a blue plaque unveiling took place to commemorate the life and art of ex Walthamstow resident Madge Gill (1882–1961). Coordinated with the London Borough of Waltham Forest, the plaque was installed on 71 High Street, the building where Gill was born. The ceremony was led by curator Sophie Dutton and Mayor Yemi Osho. A large Madge Gill retrospective will be held in the borough next year.


Melvin Way at Andrew Edlin Gallery, NY

until March 25, 2018

"Melvin Way: The Cocaine Files Dossier (1989 - 2017)" is curated by Andrew Castrucci.

From The Andrew Edlin Gallery's press release:

The same way other artists use figurative or abstract forms as the building blocks of their compositions, Melvin Way uses mathematical equations, chemical formulas and mechanical diagrams. He has also developed his own formula for cocaine that appears throughout his drawings. Elements are combined to create configurations that seem to push science into a realm of what could be termed quantum metaphysics or pure alchemy. When Way’s handling of science becomes art, a third thing is created that is both the essence of art and science, yet points beyond them both to the realm of the transcendent. By nature, such a realm is mysterious and ineffable, and so these works are redolent of that which cannot be known or explained.

Way’s process is private and portable. He carries his drawings with him for days, weeks, or years, working on them when time or inspiration allows. He draws on found pieces of paper with ballpoint pen, often wrapping his work in Scotch tape—probably to preserve them as they are transferred among books, magazines, pockets, bags, and drawers. He keeps many of them in the pocket over his heart, talismanic renderings that offer a comforting and protective element. Way’s drawings are perplexing and even intimidating in a way that a chalkboard filled with complex mathematical equations and diagrams can be to those who do not understand algebra or trigonometry. As a self-taught systems artist, he can be said to be part of a specialized subgroup of visionary masters that include Robert Gie, Grant Wallace, Paul Laffoley and George Widener.

Despite some conflicting accounts and timeline gaps, it is clear that Way has lived and traveled between South Carolina, where he was born in 1954, in Ruffin County, and New York City since he was a child. In the early 1970s, he attended a technical college and played bass in various bands. He has struggled with mental illness and spent periods of time homeless, or in and out of city shelters and programs.

This exhibition, unlike those that have preceded it, additionally includes a series of works made while the artist was hospitalized, drawings rendered in unusually soft colors which could suggest a medically induced creative shift. Another series of paintings, made on canvas and created with the encouragement of Andrew Castrucci, an artist and educator that Way met in 1989, is also on view for the first time.

Way’s work will also be featured at the gallery’s booth at the Independent Art Fair, New York, from March 8 – 11th.

Way’s work is included in many private and public collections including the American Folk Art Museum, New York; the American Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore; Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, D.C.; Transformer, Washington, D.C.; Collection abcd, Paris; Collection de l'Art Brut, Lausanne; His work has been exhibited at the American Folk Art Museum, Artists Space, On Stellar Rays and Galerie Christian Berst and international art fairs including the Outsider Art Fair and Art Basel Miami Beach. Other group shows include the Gregg Museum of Art and Design, Raleigh, NC, as well as The Hayward Gallery, London. Way was recently awarded the Art Absolument Prize for Outsider Art in Paris and in 2016 was a winner of the Wyn Newhouse Award that recognizes excellence in the achievements of artists with disabilities.

Andrew Edlin Gallery
212 Bowery, New York, NY 10012

Self-Taught Genius Gallery in Long Island

March 5 – July 5, 2018

"Holding Space: The Museum Collects", an exhibition of recent acquisitions by the American Folk Art Museum, will open on March 5 at the Self-Taught Genius Gallery in Long Island City, Queens. The exhibition brings together artists and visionaries – singular artists sharing formal and conceptual concerns that cut across cultural and generational divides. It explores ways in which self-taught artists expand the traditional artistic toolkit, cultivating unique forms of creativity that offer new paradigms of understanding the world and our place within it.  

Self-Taught Genius Gallery
47-29 32nd Place, Long Island City, Queens, NY 11101


The Anton Haardt Gallery, LA

through April 1, 2018

"Outsiders in Mexico” at The Anton Haardt Gallery features dramatic peyote-induced visions of yarn shields and beaded masks made by the indigenous Huichol Indians of Mexico’s remote Sierra Madre mountains, alongside a collection of intriguing contemporary retablos by Mexican artist David Mecalco and Mar Coria's wildly colourful paintings of tattooed people inspired from her life in Mexican sideshows as a child. Also is an ongoing exhibit of Southern folk artists including Tolliver, Gibson, Sudduth, Rogers, and paintings by the owner.


from April 1 – June 1, 2018

An opportunity to see folk art from the deep south at The Anton Haardt Gallery. These artists share many of the same socio-economic restraints and most have been unexposed to the contemporary art world. Some deny ever having known they were making art at all. Now their art is achieving popularity and worldwide acclaim and many of these artists have been included in international and national exhibitions. The art pieces range from portraits painted on old galvanised roof tin to decorated guitar cases painted with latex house paint.


Jason Berry, American author, says the gallery has perhaps the city's most extensive inventory of high-quality works by Southern folk artists. Click here to see Anton talking about her new Mose Tolliver iPad book.

The Anton Haardt Gallery
2858 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA 70115

NIAD Art Center, CA

March 3, 2018

"Win Win 6", NIAD Art Center’s annual benefit exhibition and party, takes place on Saturday, March 3 from 4.00-6.00 pm at Clif Bar & Company in Emeryville.

Everyone with an admission ticket will take home a randomly chosen piece of art. 

Tickets are available now.

Clif Bar Headquarters, 1451 63rd Street in Emeryville, California 94608-1004