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Musée de la Création Franche, Bègles

until September 2, 2018

"The World According to Carles-Tolrá" presents Ignacio Carles-Tolrá as both artist and collector.

His correspondence with Jean Dubuffet is also included in the exhibition and accompanying catalogue.

Musée de la Création Franche
58, avenue du Maréchal de Lattre-de-Tassigny, 33130 Bègles, France


From Musée de la Création Franche's website:

Ignacio Carles-Tolrá, a Spanish designer of Catalan origin, was born on December 16, 1928. He is one of the major creators of the Creation Franche collection. More than 1500 of his works are present in the collection, donated by the designer between 1990 and 2017 or by collectors like Claude Massé or Jacques Karamanoukian. In addition to his work, Ignacio Carles-Tolrá has donated to the Franche Creation Museum works by creators of Art Brut from his personal collection, including Scottie Wilson and Magde Gill. A rich documentary collection and personal archives come inform in a detailed way all the work of this prolific creator. Based in Geneva and working as a ronéo operator at the Red Cross, he creates evening and night. His collages and colourful drawings allow him to express his anger, but not without humor.

The world of Carles-Tolrá is populated by characters, critters, birds and other series to which he gives evocative names: "Lolita", "Hat! "Cons decorated", "Miss", "Mac Enroe", "Bush" ... In these drawings, the artist marks his refusal of resignation, plays with morosities, stigmatises the power and the authority.

As early as the 1960s, Ignacio Carles-Tolrá had a long and rich correspondence with Jean Dubuffet. Dubuffet gave him encouragement to continue his work, even admitting that some of his drawings were inspired by those of Ignacio Carles-Tolrá.

For this retrospective exhibition, Ignacio Carles-Tolrá lent outstanding pieces such as his first drawings of the 1960s and works from his personal collection.

The walls of 6 of the 11 rooms of the Museum highlight the extensive production of Ignacio Carles-Tolrá in chronological order (1961-1976, 1977-1990, 1991-2005, 2006-2018) and the richness of his personal collection, its holdings and archives.

GAIA Museum, Denmark

until August 18, 2018

Gaia Museum presents a solo show of works by Maroncelli 12 artist Martino Fiorattini.

"Between melons and mosquitoes" features around 40 artworks with thick and bright colours portraying fields, wild animals, farmsteads and portraits.

GAIA Museum Outsider Art
10, Lene Bredahls Gade, 8900, Denmark

From GAIA's website:

This special exhibition is made up of about 40 art pieces with thick and bright colours portraying fields, wild animals, farmsteads and portraits. A mild yet sociable character, Fiorattini (born: Casteldidone, Cremona, 1928 – died: Casalmaggiore, Cremona, 1997) cultivates melons until the age of 50, when he suddenly starts to reduce his work in the fields and picks up the brush in spite of the whole town considering it to be rather odd. Now he is on his own path of self-taught artist, and he will keep painting unrelentlessly until the end of his days.

He is referred to as “visionario padano” (visionary of the Po valley) due to his thick brushwork and its dazzling colours used to paint the environment, that small slice of land animated by animals and plants. The big river (the Po) often makes an appearance on his canvas, with its canals winding through fields and villages and the animals transformed by Martino in majestic yet familiar creatures: the nocturnal lynx, the horse, dogs, roosters and chickens but also moths, mosquitoes, flies and more flying insects. His paintings hold secrets, mysterious details telling imaginary and wild tales.

It’s the Ligabue era, of whom Fiorattini might have seen a exhibit. Just like how he must have leafed through a book about Van Gogh, absorbed Chagall and Delaunay’s abstract art, as well as Picasso and Die Brücke: Martino succeeds in making all of these concepts his own and bringing new ideas with a personal and innovative pictorial intensity, recognisable by strong emotional tones mediated by bright colours and a violent chromatic contrast, making him a true master of colour.

Discovered nearly twenty years after his death thanks to an intuition by Bruno Arcari, artist and framer from Casalmaggiore, and after an exhibit held at the Diotti museum in Casalmaggiore (in November 2015, organised by art historian Bianca tosatti) and a second one at Maroncelli 12 Gallery which launched him for the first time in Milan (May 2016), Martino Fiorattini is an authentic revelation, flying now to GAIA Museum.

Crisis in Chandigarh

While $2000 entrance fees a day are taken from Rock Garden, the sculptures and structures of the Rock Garden are being just left to rot. The world’s largest and most spectacular visionary environment, Nek Chand’s incredible legacy, is under very serious threat as the Chandigarh Administration takes all the funding away and cuts out Nek Chand’s son and family.

After many years of semi-neglect the position in Chandigarh has reached crisis point as the city Administration has given up all pretence of looking after the Rock Garden and has left it to deteriorate while taking all the entrance money of about $700,000 a year. Where all this money goes is a closely guarded secret.

There is NO conservation programme, NO repairs, NO staffing, NO guides, NO visitor supervision, NO working toilets or washrooms, NO care, NO pride and all the entrance money is syphoned off.

PLEASE make your protest known. This appalling state of affairs must not be allowed to continue unchallenged.

email the Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi 
Ultimately only the Prime Minister will have any effect. The Chandigarh Administration have proved over and over again that they are a real threat to the Rock Garden and just use it to steal all the entrance fees. The Rock Garden must be handed over to central government to administer with a proper conservation programme and staffing. The Rock Garden needs no funding at all as it raises its own funds from entrance fees but all the money is stolen and nothing goes to the Rock Garden.

If you are American:
The US Embassy in New Delhi will not let us have an email. The Embassy knows the Rock Garden and send parties of visitors there.

email the State Dept in Washington - they will follow up

If you are British:
email the British Deputy High Commissioner in Chandigarh asking them to investigate immediately
Andrew Ayre
British Deputy High Commissioner Chandigarh 

email the British High Commission in New Delhi
Sir Dominic Asquith KCMG
British High Commissioner to India, New Delhi 

email the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in London - they must respond

If you are French:
email the Alliance Francaise in Chandigarh
Sylvain Choin

other nationalities, please contact your embassies in New Delhi.

When sending to ambassadors or prime minister etc please us “His excellency” etc as an address.

• The Rock Garden is 25 acres of walkways, over 2000 sculptures, 2 giant               waterfalls, the second most visited attraction in India after the Taj Mahal.
• Built over a period of 50 years by the visionary genius Nek Chand.
• The Chandigarh Administration are taking all the entrance money and spending         nothing on conservation at the Rock Garden.
• Nek Chand’s son Anuj Saini and family have been completely cut out.
• There is no conservation or repair programme.
• There are no staff supervising visitors so vandalism and graffiti are rife.
• All facilities, washrooms etc are broken and abandoned.
• Pumping systems for giant waterfalls in disrepair.

Click here for the recent article in the Hindustan Times.

Andrew Edlin Gallery, NY

until August 17, 2018

"Beverly Buchanan, Thornton Dial, and the Gee's Bend Quiltmakers" features shacks made from wood scraps or foamcore and oil-pastel-on-paper drawings by Beverly Buchanan; Thornton Dial’s 1993 assemblage, Looking Good for the Price; and works by the women quiltmakers of Gee’s Bend, Alabama: Lucy Mingo, Rita Mae Pettway and Mary Lee Bendolph.

Andrew Edlin Gallery
212 Bowery New York, NY 10012

Chicago Calling at Intuit, IL

until January 6, 2019

"Chicago Calling: Art Against the Flow" explores Chicago’s history of robust recognition and acceptance of self-taught art and artists. It presents intrinsic themes embodied in the works of ten Chicago artists: Henry Darger, William Dawson, Lee Godie, Mr. Imagination, Aldo Piacenza, Pauline Simon, Drossos Skyllas, Dr. Charles Smith, Wesley Willis, and Joseph Yoakum. Parallel exhibition "Chicago We Own It" explores the Chicago style of collecting.

Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art
756 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL 60642

La maison rouge, Paris

until October 28, 2018

"L’envol" is the final exhibition at La maison rouge, which will close its doors on October 28, 2018. Antoine de Galbert, Barbara Safarova, Aline Vidal and Bruno Decharme have co-curated this exhibition which explores mankind's dream of flying. Some 200 works include installations, films, documents, paintings, drawings and sculptures.

These four curators and specialists in art brut and contemporary art have created an exhibition that examines mankind's dream of flying – though without any reference to those who have actually made this dream come true. As always at La maison rouge, the curators have considered the subject matter independently of "categories" to bring together works of art brut, modern, contemporary, ethnographic and folk art.

"In the beginning there was Dedalus, that inspired inventor who dreamed of escaping into the skies, taking his son Icarus with him. Harnessed to wings made from feathers and wax, they rose into the heavens, intoxicated with their flight, borne aloft into the atmosphere. We all know what happened next. Icarus ventured too near the sun, his wings melted and he hurtled into the sea to die. From legend to reality, the sky has always been a dangerous playground for mankind. This is no small undertaking by the 130 artists in L’envol, as they endeavour to challenge the laws of gravity, break free of Earth’s magnetic field, launch themselves into the unknown or experience the gaseous envelope of the atmosphere between two periods of turbulence. Some are hedonists, others are activists, intent on saving mankind as the world heads for destruction, whether by building flying shelters or constructing utopias. The sky offers ample territory for experiment, shared between the extravagant artists who are convinced of their ability to overcome gravity and the gods that live there, and the conceptualists designing utopias - more poet than scientist."

Click here for the Press Release.

La Maison Rouge
​10 bd de la bastille - 75012 Paris, France

Recent Acquisitions at Collection de l'Art Brut

until December 2, 2018

Acquisitions 2012–2018 invites visitors to discover a selection of works that include several pieces added to the Collection de l'Art Brut holdings since Sarah Lombardi became the museum's director in 2012. More than 150 drawings, paintings, sculptures, textiles and photographs highlight the museum's dynamism.

Some works are being shown for the first time, while others have already appeared in various thematic or monographic shows held at the museum between 2012 and 2018. 

Bringing into play both the variety of the creations themselves and the highly diverse origins of their creators, this show reveals the museum acquisition policy's two main focus points. These are, on the one hand, to reinforce the existing bodies of works by such historic creators as Aloïse Corbaz, Philippe Dereux, Marguerite Burnat-Provins and Henri Salingardes and, on the other, to integrate works by new creators — the likes of Karl Beaudelaire–KXB7, Manuel Lanca Bonifacio, Charles Boussion, Gaël Dufrène, Davood Koochaki, Mehrdad Rashidi and Melvin Way — all of whom bear witness to the vitality of current Art Brut creativity.

Exhibition Curator: Sarah Lombardi

Collection de l'Art Brut
Av. des Bergières 11, 1004 Lausanne, Switzerland

The Good Luck Gallery, CA

until July 15, 2018

The Good Luck Gallery partners with Just Folk for an historic exhibition of master African-American woodcarvers Elijah Pierce (1892-1984) and Leroy Almon (1938-1997). Each would use his craft to further his religious and social mission, with Pierce serving as mentor to the younger Almon. Carvings of tigers, hippos and snakes unite with bas-relief carved story panels in this timely exhibition that explores identity, community, popular culture, and religion in powerful, personal style.

Read the Press Release here.

The Good Luck Gallery
945 Chung Kind Road, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Almost Art Project, Beijing

June 29 – August 10, 2018

Almost Art Project (AAP) is the first art festival in China that specialises in showcasing the works of outsider artists. Since the inaugural exhibition in 2015, the annual event in Beijing has been held successfully in the past three years. The fourth AAP exhibition will open on June 29 at Tabula Rasa Gallery in Beijing’s 798 Art Zone. Part of the exhibits will also be on display at the nearby Whitebox Art Center from June 29 to July 1 in celebration of the opening weekend. The exhibition at Tabula Rasa Gallery will be open until August 10. The month-long exhibition will showcase over 300 works from 41 outsider artists, including 15 new artists who will be showing their works for the first time. The programme also includes workshops and talks, which will be open to the public during the exhibition.

Tabula Rasa Gallery
706 North 3rd Street, 798 Art District, No.2 Jiu Xian Qiao Rd, Chao Yang District,
Beijing, P.R.China. 100015

White Box Art Center
No.B07 of 798 Art District, No.2 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China


Orra White Hitchcock at Folk Art Museum, NY

until October 14, 2018

"Charting the Divine Plan: The Art of Orra White Hitchcock (1796–1863)" explores the confluence of art, love, science, and religion in the extraordinary art of Orra White Hitchcock, one of America’s first female scientific illustrators. The exhibition traces her development from schoolgirl projects to highly accomplished renderings of the natural scenery of the Connecticut River Valley and also includes less well-known, colourful paintings on cotton, some more than twelve feet long.

American Folk Art Museum
2 Lincoln Square, New York, NY 10023