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until October 27, 2018

Cathy Ward‘s UK debut of her 23-foot long Phantasmata painting, animated film Realm, plus older and new works.

The Horse Hospital
Colonnade, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 1JD, UK

From The Horse Hospital's website:

1961, Marcel Duchamp predicted: “The great artist of tomorrow will go underground.” Visionary artist Cathy Ward returns to the Horse Hospital with the UK debut of her magnum opus ‘Phantasmata’ -- a 23-ft long painting that upends the contemplative intimacy of her well-known obsessively detailed scratchboard drawings of cosmic energy patterns and fancy hairdos.

Marking Ward’s first time exhibiting in the subterranean chambers of the 221-year-old veterinary stable, her solo exhibition “Sub Rosa” is underground in every sense of the word. But even apart from the literal and the Duchampian, Ward’s multimedia works evoke a hermetic abyss of half-remembered dreams and mythological underworlds.

Los Angeles critic Genie Davis described ‘Phantasmata’ as “epic in size and scale, appearing as braided rope, silk cords, feathers, fur, chains, flowers, embroidered fabric – the stuff and scope of dreams.” This major work is paired with the equally immersive film ‘Realm’ which translates two decades of drawings into a seething, hypnotic virtual reality landscape.

On view for the first time ever will be three site-specific abstract caryatid sculptures encasing the building’s original cast iron support pillars -- spiralling fractal psychedelic evocations of the regenerative erotic feminine principle -- blurring the borders between outsider architecture, pagan iconography, and recovered alien technology.

Supplementing these major pieces will be a selection of new and classic works, time-warped in from Ward’s early Horse Hospital shows ‘Transromantik’ (2000) & ‘Sacred Pastures’ (2008) offering a range of microscopic vistas that are as intimately mesmerizing as the new large-scale installations are immersive and sublime.

until October 29, 2018

In "R+R: reveries and responses", Koelsch Gallery presents works by Ellen Frances Tuchman which tell universal stories with paint, sewing and much ornament.

Koelsch Gallery
801 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77006

From Koelsch Gallery's website:

The acronym R+R recalls World War 2 —rest and relaxation, or recreation — as well as measures in our daily lives. We remove and reinstall, repair and restore, check respiratory rate, and gauge relative risk. 

However, nothing is what it seems.  Ephemera and souvenirs weave associative paths between past and present. An idealized past battles pop culture. Beneath the pretty veneer and couture beading lays some hard truths. Rhett Miller sang of “a paper-doll pleasantness” while I used talismans and double entendres to manage pains still lurking.

My paintings are a counterpoint to mass production with luscious patterning and surface embellishments, immediately throwing them into a conversation about the decorative, beauty, high-low art, women’s handwork, femininity and male potency. I explore thematic conceits and plays-on-words. Many pieces are intentionally sentimental, telling universal stories with paint, sewing, and much ornament. Recycle and reuse, indeed.

Ellen Frances Tuchman

August 2018

until November 20, 2018

"William A. Hall: LA Car Man" showcases drawings by the self-taught artist from Los Angeles, who spent two decades homeless and more than half of that time living in a succession of cars.

Ross + Kramer Gallery
14 E 63rd St New York, NY 10065

until January 10, 2019

Highly detailed drawings by Helmut Nimczewski, who takes two to four weeks to create each piece, are being exhibited at Musée d'Art Brut in Montpellier through January 10.

Musée d'Art Brut/Montpellier
1 Rue Beau Séjour, 34090 Montpellier, France


October 18–21, 2018

The sixth edition of the Outsider Art Fair in Paris will take place at a new venue: Atelier Richelieu, located in the 2nd Arrondissement. The Fair will present 37 exhibitors from 18 cities and ten countries. New galleries include Artpool Project (Paris), Copenhagen Outsider Art Gallery, Galerie Atelier Herenplaats (Rotterdam, NL) and Tak gallery (Poznań, PL). Art Absolument Prize for Outsider Art will award €10,000 to a living artist at the fair. 


57 bis Paris
Art Absolument Paris
ArtNaive Gallery Moscow
Artpool Project Paris
Artension Lent
Galerie Atelier Herenplaats Rotterdam
Atsuko Barouh Paris
Cavin-Morris Gallery New York
Copenhagen Outsider Art Gallery Copenhagen
Galerie Claire Corcia Paris
Creative Growth Art Center Oakland
Andrew Edlin Gallery New York
Galerie Escale Nomad Paris
La Fabuloserie Paris
Gazette Drouot Paris
Galleria Gliacrobati Turin
Halle Saint Pierre Paris
HEY! Modern & Pop Culture Paris
Yukiko Koide Presents Tokyo
Krowswork Oakland
Galerie Pol Lemétais St Sever du Moustier
Galerie LJ Paris
Galerie du Marché Lausanne
Maroncelli 12 Milan
Galerie du moineau écarlate Paris
Morrelandmore Paris
Nanjing Outsider Art Studio Nanjing
Noon Arts Projects London
Galerie Hervé Perdriolle Paris
Galerie Polysemie Marseille
La Pop Galerie Sète
Raw Vision London
Galerie JP Ritsch-Fisch Strasbourg
Sardac London
Galerie Beatrice Soulié Paris
TAK Gallery Poznań
Galerie Les Yeux Fertiles Paris

Click here to purchase tickets.

Atelier Richelieu, 60 Rue de Richelieu, 75002 Paris, France