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March 1–31, 2018

"George Widener: Magic Circles" presents Widener's mixed-media works on paper featuring bold palettes and patterning. His oeuvre represents a visual exploration of possible numerical systems or mind games based on historical events and dates.

Widener has been exploring combining calendrical dates with magic squares for more than 25 years. His resulting “Magic Circles” series reflects his interest in the future development of artificial intelligence. In a non-dystopian future, Widener believes people and machines will have prodigious memory and calculation capabilities—via biological or technical improvements. Machines will become a new species with higher creative intelligence and humans will be enhanced with skills that seem implausible today. He envisions these magic circles as a form of recreation, because they allow the user to “programme” them; to choose a specific theme and then fit the provided days of the week with appropriate dates. When artificial intelligence occurs, these “crossdate” or “crosstime” puzzles will become feasible games.

Ricco/Maresca Gallery
529 W 20th St, New York, NY 10011

February 22 – May 4, 2018

"„... chaotic!“ alfred neumayr & arnold schmidt" features dynamic, vigorous works by Arnold Schmidt juxtaposed with the very deliberate and meticulous works of Alfred Neumayr.

Schmidt and Neumayr could not be more different in their approach, in their methods of working and in their creations. 

This exhibition gives insights into the versatile oeuvre of the two artists and gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy works that have never been seen before.

Galerie Gugging
Am Campus 2, A-3400, Maria Gugging, Austria

until March 2, 2018

"An Other Life" is an exhibition of work that brings alternate realities to life, such as the landscapes of Meyshe Benyomen Shapiro-Nygren’s warring galaxies, Chris Corr-Barberis’ cryptic drawings of the “Real” and “Unreal,” and Rickie Algarva’s worlds, filled with surreal and mythological creatures. Nicole Storm brings her prolific practice to the gallery with an artist-curated section of the exhibition; her prophetic thoughts and observations, looped into abstractions in her pink and purple washes of paint, are worlds onto their own. At times, there is a sense of artists willing fantasy into truth, such as Aurie Ramirez’s repetitive, dreamlike characters and William Scott’s paintings of re-imagined housing projects, the deceased returning to earth as benevolent aliens, and depictions of William’s own life filled with the love and peace he longs for.

Creative Growth's Annual Beyond Trend Runway Event and Fundraiser will take place on Saturday, March 3 at 5:00pm at Oakland Scottish Rite Center, 1547 Lakeside Dr.

Creative Growth
355 24th Street, Oakland, CA

From May 4–6, 2018, Outside In is hosting the European Outsider Art Association Conference at Pallant House Gallery, Chichester. This year’s conference focuses on the Artist’s Voice, celebrating the work of excluded and non-traditional artists and sharing best practice in the field through a series of presentations, key note speeches, and workshops delivered by artists and practitioners. The key note speech to open the conference on the Friday evening will be given by multi-disciplinary artist Bobby Baker, who created the touring exhibition "Diary Drawings: Mental Illness and Me 1997 – 2008", and was commissioned as part of the London 2012 Unlimited project for the Cultural Olympiad.  

Presenters at the conference include the Living Museum (the Netherlands), Out by Art (Sweden), Venture Arts (UK), Joy of Sound (UK), and Look Kloser (UK). Panel discussions will focus on supporting the artist’s voice and exhibiting the artist’s voice, and panellists will include Garvald Artists (Scotland), Headway East London (UK), Arts Project Australia (Australia), Blue Circus (Finland), Creahm/MadMusee (Belgium), and Creative Minds (UK).

Tickets are priced at £150 for the full weekend. There are options to add on a dinner at Pallant House Gallery following the key note speech on the Friday, and you can attend a VIP programme in the days leading up to the conference for an additional £75.

Pallant House Gallery
9 N Pallant, Chichester PO19 1TJ, UK

February 9 – June 17, 2018

As the first presentation of the works in a museum, the exhibition "Ernst Kolb" features a collection of works from the Collection de l’Art Brut, as well as pieces generously loaned by a private collector. Drawn with a ballpoint pen on small format paper, most of Kolb's pictures represent characters or scenes of everyday life. Portraits and fantastic figures contort as if to fill the page to the fullest. The light and decisive movement that courses through the twisted bodies as well as the sharp, precise and energetic strokes are distinctive features of Ernst Kolb’s compositions. 

Collection de l'Art Brut
Avenue des Bergières 11 CH – 1004 Lausanne, Switzerland