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until September 30, 2019

Biz’Art-Biz’Art’s latest group exhibition includes works by Françoise Sablons, Marie-Françoise Valois, Patrick Evereus and others. 

Works by foru new artists are shown: Didier Hamey, Naoki Nomura, Shaun Caton and Yun-Jung Song.

2 Chemin de Prayat, 39300, Le Vaudioux, France

until June 29, 2019

"LR Vandy: Hidden" features new works, including more from her signature “Hull” series, where the artist transforms model boat hulls into "masks".

Using a mixture of found and made objects the work aims to make new meaning from seemingly unrelated mediums forced together.

The current Hull series of sculptures takes model boat hulls and transforms them into masks adorned with fishing floats, porcupine quills, and acupuncture needles.

The hull forms allude to the transportation of commodities, the process of trade and movement, but as masks they represent a transformation of identity drawing upon the tradition of talisman, charms, or amulets. The fishing floats reference witchcraft/voodoo needles or nails, representing aggressive protection, creating a tension throughout the works. The overall forms draw together the opposing aesthetics of attraction and repulsion; alluring and seemingly decorative pieces that on closer inspection provoke a sense of danger in the larger context of the globe, creating a series of multi-layered ideas.

October Gallery    
24 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AL, UK

until July 28, 2019

In "I WE OUR", SHRINE presents works by Mary T. Smith (1904–1995).

Smith took an intuitive approach to making art and passionately painted self-portraits, as well as people and scenes from her daily life in rural Mississippi. Smith also portrayed biblical stories and characters. She began “making pictures” on found wood and corrugated-metal sheets in the late 1970s and during the last years of her life she created several hundred paintings.

SHRINE, 179 East Broadway, New York, NY 10002

until June 29, 2019

Florence and Elias Katz founded Creative Growth Art Center in 1974 in response to statewide cuts in services for adults with disabilities. In 1983 they opened Creativity Explored in San Francisco and in 1984 they went on to create NIAD (Nurturing Independence Through Artistic Development) Art Center in Richmond. Although they operate separately, the three art studios share a common mission to serve and support artists with developmental and intellectual disabilities by providing professional studio space, exhibition opportunities, and representation. “CE x CG x NIAD” is a rare opportunity to view works by artists from all three studios.

Minnesota Street Project, Gallery 107
1275 Minnesota Street, San Francisco, CA


until June 29, 2019

What does Outsider Art mean today after Jean Dubuffet? Does an art of mad people exist ? Why to separate the work of mentally handicaped? Brut, singulier, outsider,…. why these categories ? Why the work of selftaughts is generally despised by the offical structures and the little world of art? Showing a selection of some artists classed in this universe, our ambition is only to demonstrate that handicap doesn't exist in plastic creation. 

"L'art brut après Jean Dubuffet" features works by a selection of outsider artists.

Galerie Polysémie
12 rue de la Cathédrale 13002 Marseille, France