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When I enter my address in the checkout area, the currency is not changing properly?

Please make absolutely sure to select a province/state after you have selected a country when providing your address. This is the selection that triggers the currency switcher module. If that fails as well, please email webmaster@rawvision.com for more help.

I don't have a Paypal Account - can I still buy in your store?

YES. We use Paypal to process all payments, but MOST customers can use ANY MAJOR CREDIT CARD. Once you are on the Paypal page, just use the "Don't have a Paypal account?" link as shown here:

Is Paypal safe?

Yes we are confident of Paypal's security. It is more secure than you providing us with your credit card information directly, as then we would be responsible for keeping your credit card information.

Paypal keeps rejecting my card - what do I do?

There can be a number of reasons for this and we apologize for any difficulties you may be having. The most likely possibility is that the billing address you provided does not match exactly the billing address for the credit card on file. Paypal is extremely security-conscious and thus valid cards may be rejected for small inconsistencies. You may have to try several billing addresses before it will work. You may also have to try another card. This is to protect both us and you. If you are a US resident and your bank card is rejected in spite of correctly entering the addresses, you may need to contact your bank to make sure they are not blocking online purchases from non-US companies.

PRINT Subscriptions

When does my print subscription end?

You may contact info@rawvision.com to find out your subscription status.

I want my subscription to start in two issues, how do I make this clear?

You can choose either "start with current issue" or "start with next" issue only. You can add a note in the comments area of checkout to make your choice clear.

PDF File Downloads

What file types do you sell?

Right now, we are selling PDFs. However, we WILL BE OFFERING iPad and phone versions soon. Please let us know if you have a particular request.

When does my PDF subscription start?

Your PDF subscription starts with the current issue. It will be manually placed in your account.

How do I access my PDF file?

You must log into the site at http://rawvision.com/user. If you have forgotten your password, you may reset the password by providing the email address you originally used when placing your order here: http://rawvision.com/user/password Once you are logged in, you will be directed to a page that has your username as a title. Under your name you will see a link and a tab for "Files" as well as a link to "Your file downloads." This is where you will find files to download.

When do I get my new PDF issue?

New issue are uploaded to the site when the issue comes out in the UK. Your PDF will be added to your account on that day. You have unlimited downloads of this file, however, your access will expire in 3 weeks. If you need to download it again, you may contact webmaster@rawvision.com

I have an iPad and can't seem to download the file...

You may want to use one of several apps that are available for iPads for reading PDFs and/or downloading files. We have heard that Download Manager works well.