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until December 20, 2019
Japanese chef-turned-artist Hiroyuki Doi’s artwork is on view at Ozu Washi


Outside In

September 4 2014 - September 21 2014

Raw Vision Exhibition at Halle Saint Pierre

September 18 2013 - August 22 2014

More than 400 works by 81 artists from around the world continue to show in the Raw Vision 25 years exhibition at Halle Saint Pierre.

Abbaye D'Auberive

June 8 2014 - September 28 2014

Gustav Mesmer

Art Brut Around the World is a selection of some of the latest Art Brut works from around the world, including flying machines by Gustav Mesmer of Germany, colourful cutout figures by Ni Tanjung of Bali, and drawings of animals and spirit

Treasures from AFAM

Self-Taught Genius: Treasures from the American Folk Art Museum is showing at AFAM through August 17, 2014, before touring to Davenport, San Diego, Fort Worth, New Orleans and Saint Louis.

Preservation of St Eom's Pasaquan

Kohler Foundation, Inc. of Kohler, Wisconsin, has announced plans to preserve Pasaquan, the colourful art environment created by Eddie Owens Martin, known as St. EOM, located near Buena Vista, Georgia.

 SAM DOYLE: The Mind’s Eye

May 3 2014 - September 1 2014