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We're delighted to announce that issue 107 is out now. Go to
rawvision.com/shop/raw-vision-107 to purchase a print or digital copy, or
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Issue 107 includes:

  • Charles Wince
  • Pietro Ghizzardi
  • Madge Gill
  • Hugo Rocha
  • Jean Dubuffet
  • Kohler collection
  • Barbus Müller




An excerpt of the gallery statement for CJ Pyle's recent show at Carl Hammer Gallery in Chicago, written by the critic Robin Dluzen

Embedded thumbnail for Judith Scott Film from Creative Growth

Creative Growth Art Center has shared this full-length documentary on Judith Scott (1943–2005), produced by Lola Barrera and Julio Medem in 2006

A short film on William Hawkins made by Jeffrey Wolf, Breakaway Films, and edited by Zach Wolf.

Reflecting on the work of Raymonde and Pierre Petit (1902–1990) and (1901–1990)

Outside In and The Art House are offering a residency at The Art House’s purpose-built studios in Wakefield

Le Livre de Pierre, a small volume for sale at €7, is available to purchase

Embedded thumbnail for Frantiska Blechova's Environment in the Czech Republic

Video by Pavel Konečný presents Frantiska Blechova's sculpture garden in Biskupice, Czech Republic