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March 22 – April 20, 2019
An in-depth look at the artwork of Laura Craig McNellis


until March 9, 2019
Work by Neumayr, primarily created with Indian inks or pencil

January 17–20, 2018
At the Outsider Art Fair, Raw Vision will be selling chewing gum paintings by Ben Wilson, matchstick carvings by Pradeep Kumar and paintings by Julia Sisi

January 30, 2019
The Outsider Art Museum has organised a symposium exploring the origins of art brut with art historians

In conjunction with the Outsider Art Fair (January 17–20), Powers just dropped, FINDING NORTH...

until February 3, 2019
"The Improvisational Eye: Works on Paper by Self-Taught Artists"

One of the greatest visionary artists of his generation, Norbert Kox was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Whilst a member of the notorious “Outlaws” biker gang, he began working on custom bikes and cars, soon progressing to painting on other items, creating artworks from salvaged objects...

until January 10, 2019
Thirty fantastical books and sculptures by Danielle Marie Chanut are on view at La Fabuloserie Paris.