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until April 12, 2019
Five pieces by Sue Kreitzman are included in "Loudest Whispers" at St Pancras Conference Centre Gallery, London


until March 2, 2019
Immersive group show "Du bison à la fusée" at Les Impatients invites viewers to enter a world created in art and music workshops by people with mental health issues.

until December 21, 2018

Preservation sought for Columcille Megalith Park, a 17-acre property in Bangor, Pennsylvania

until January 12, 2019
Galerie Hervé Courtaigne's 20th anniversary group exhibition includes works by Saban and Lesage

until May 26, 2019
"Sensations. Between Passion and Pain" includes work by Johann Garber, Willem van Genk, Marc Lamy and Lies Hutting

until December 30, 2018
More than 160 works of folk art from Birmingham Museum of Art’s permanent collection

until December 25, 2018
Japanese chef-turned self-taught artist, Hiroyuki Doi’s artwork is now on view at OZU WASHI, Tokyo