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until September 29, 2018
Galerie Claire Corcia features works by Caroline Veith, Anick Langelier, Parmis Sayous, Frédéric Beaufils and Daniel Erban


until September 23, 2018
A wide range of works from the Art & Marges collection, with new acquisitions alongside almost forgotten works

until November 3, 2018
Musée des Arts Buissonniers pays tribute to the self-taught artist

until August 15, 2018

until September 1, 2018
Nine Creativity Explored artists featured in group show at Jack Fischer Gallery

until September 30, 2018
"Woman Outsider" showcases nine artists including Christiane Alanore, Sabrina Gruss and Judith Scott

until September 28, 2018
Five female artists: Marie-Claire Guyot, Cristina Martella, Nabila, Franca Settembrini, Annamaria Tosini


until September 17, 2018
An exploration of humans and our senses