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until October 19, 2019 
Paulina Peavy/Lacamo's multilayered paintings in which abstract motifs resolve into mystic figures


August 6 – September 1, 2019
"Wall Power" will display quilts – many of which are very modern in design and appeal.

until September 14, 2019
works by Gaston Chaissac, Janko Domsic, Evelyne Postic and others

Wright's ten new spirit paintings in mixed media are being shown at Mccully and Crane, Rye

until May 17, 2020
"Dr. Charles Smith: Aurora" presents more than 150 works

until September 1, 2019

Self-taught artist Aziz lives alone in a garage in Salé, Morocco. Every day for the last four years, he has been embellishing his colossal work in painted concrete, spontaneously creating animal sculptures from cement leaves and flowers.