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Self-taught artist Aziz lives alone in a garage in Salé, Morocco. Every day for the last four years, he has been embellishing his colossal work in painted concrete, spontaneously creating animal sculptures from cement leaves and flowers. 

For more information about Aziz, contact Francois Beaurain fcbeaurain@gmail.com.


until November 23, 2019
Birmingham native artist Mary Frances Whitfield will have her first solo exhibit in the city

until June 23, 2019
Yoshiko Otsuka Fine International, Tokyo, presents Japanese artist Hiroyuki Doi’s 17th annual solo exhibition at Repi Doll, Tokyo

until July 11, 2019
"Bitchin’" is a dog-themed exhibition for humans and dogs

until June 15, 2019
Creative Growth’s gallery is transformed into a garden oasis for their annual "Home Show"

until August 30, 2019
In "flora & fauna brut ... may has come ..." Gallery Gugging presents works by 19 artists

until June 12, 2019
Exploring the act of experiencing food and the coming together around a table

until June 2, 2019
Tapu Independent Art presents works by Mario Pellegrini