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Self-taught artist Aziz lives alone in a garage in Salé, Morocco. Every day for the last four years, he has been embellishing his colossal work in painted concrete, spontaneously creating animal sculptures from cement leaves and flowers. 

For more information about Aziz, contact Francois Beaurain fcbeaurain@gmail.com.


Brian Dowdall (1948–2018) and Alison Spiesman's Art Park Project, a storytelling and art explorations community outreach, was launched this year.

until August 15, 2019 
Architectural drawings by Dutch artist Tim ter Wal.

until August 10, 2019
Andrew Edlin Gallery's Summer Exhibition features an array of outsider artists

until September 30, 2019
Biz’Art-Biz’Art’s latest group exhibition includes works by Françoise Sablons, Marie-Françoise Valois, Patrick Evereus and others

until June 29, 2019
"LR Vandy: Hidden" features new works, including more from her signature “Hull” series, where the artist transforms model boat hulls into "masks"

until July 28, 2019
In "I WE OUR", SHRINE presents works by Mary T. Smith (1904–1995)

until June 29, 2019
“CE x CG x NIAD” is a rare opportunity to view works by artists from Creativity Explored, Creative Growth and NIAD