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Raw Vision 123



Published in 1989 and 1990, these issues contain a wealth of archival and reference material. These early issues have been out of print for many years and original copies are now expensive collectors' items.

With articles by Roger Cardinal, Michel Thévoz, Laurent Danchin, Seymour Rosen, John Maizels, David Maclagan, Willem Volkersz, John Turner, Bruno Montpied, Sam Farber, Selden Rodman, Jean-Louis Lanoux etc etc covering subjects such as Nek Chand, Mary T Smith, Pierre Petit, Howard Finster, Haitian Art, Mediumistic Art, Chomo, Van Genk, Pascal Verbena, Augustin Lesage, US Environments, French Environments etc etc.

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Raw Erotica - Paperback

Sex, Lust and Desire in Outsider Art

This unique book presents works that until now have only been seen in private collections or museum vaults. Works by well known outsider artists and new discoveries express their personal interpretations of sexual desire and activity.


These rare works are an essential element in the rich and varied world of outsider and self-taught art where the inhibitions and accepted norms of mainstream and contemporary art simply do not apply.

Over 50 outsider and self-taught artists tackle expressions of sex and lust. Their work ranges from depictions of modern sex-folk tales such as the Bobbits or Bill Clinton and Monica, to intimate photographic portraits, rough carvings, kinetic sculptures and startling paintings.


  • Rawerotics. From Complusion to Repulsion by Colin Rhodes
  • Depicting the Object of Desire by Roger Cardinal
  • Steve Ashby, the Outsider’s Outsider by Jenifer P. Borum
  • Sex as a Matter of Fact: European Outsiders by Laurent Danchin
  • Free Sexuality or Perversion? The Erotic in American Outsider Art by Michael Bonesteel
  • The Secret Lens of Miroslav Tichý by Roger Cardinal
  • Pleasure and Pain—Sexual and Erotic Motifs in the Prinzhorn Collection by Thomas Röske
  • The Erotic World of Ody Saban by Françoise Monnin

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Raw Erotica - Hardcover

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The Collection, The Ruin and the Theatre

By Soumyen Bandyopadhyay and Iain Jackson. This book is the result of extensive research and detailed fieldwork. A study of the Rock Garden that is unlikely to be bettered, it looks at the wider context of the Rock Garden's position in the Modernist city of Chandigarh. 8.25 x 8.25 ins., 131pp, soft cover.

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Mapping the Inner Universe: Drawings by Judith McNicol 1994-2004

New book of visionary ink drawings by Judith McNicol.

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Nek Chand Shows the Way

Catalogue of exhibition in London. Anthology of published material: Bhatti, Maizels, Reeves, plus many new photos. 56pp, 17 b/w photos. 210 x148 mm.

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Palais Ideal du Facteur Cheval

by Prevost, Prevost & Jouve. This classic study of one of the most famous visionary environments is at last available to Raw Vision readers. Over 350 pages, French text but packed with photos, diagrams charts and much fascinating historical material.

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by Erki Pitrola. Tribute to the self-taught folk art sculptor, Rikhard Korvisto. Text in Finnish.

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Raw Creation: Outsider Art and Beyond

by John Maizels, with introduction by Roger Cardinal.
11.75 x 10 ins, 220 pp, 200 colour illustrations, soft cover
Compendium of Outsider Art by editor of Raw Vision. From Prinzhorn and Dubuffet's theories, art brut, to Outsider Art and American contemporary folk art, and visionary environments.

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Raw Vision Catalogue

Equal Rights to Creativity exhibition in London. Essays by Roger Cardinal and Colin Rhodes.

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Roy Wenzel: Works on Paper

by Ans van Berkum, Colin Rhodes and David Parker. Richly-coloured catalogue of the exhibitions at Loughborough University Gallery and De Stadshof Museum. Wenzel's compulsive drawings of intriguing content mark him out as one of the most exciting discoveries of recent years.

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by Martine Lusardy and Annie Carlano

Fully illustrated survey of work by Christine Sefolosha with text in English and French. Large colour illustrations.

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Vernacular Visionaries: International Outsider Art in Context

Produced for the exhibition by the Museum of International Folk Art. Includes work by Nek Chand, William Hawkins, Anna Zemánková. Text by John Beardsley and others.

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Zombic News

The extremely rare and intentionally unintelligible predecessor to Raw Vision Magazine.

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Outsider Art Sourcebook - SOLD OUT - New Ed. in 2015

Raw Vision has produced a new, updated version of the famous Outsider Art Sourcebook.


Having sold thousands of copies around the world, the Sourcebook has proved itself to be an indispensable guide to the world of Outsider Art, essential for all enthusiasts and collectors of Outsider Art, as well as a fascinating introduction to the different facets of the genre.

300 pages, 130 artists, 50 environments, galleries, museums, texts, chronology, RV index etc

The new edition of the only international guide to the world of Outsider Art and Folk Art

Shipping: USA/Canada $8 | UK £4.50 | Europe €8.50 | Rest of World £11.35